Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Irons ONE


We produce two products – Bourbon and Bourbon Mash Whiskey.

Bourbon must be aged in a new barrel. When the barrel is used again, the final product is Bourbon Mash Whiskey. When making Bourbon Mash Whiskey we also add oak spirals at the end of the distilling process.

Yes they taste different, but the difference is very subtle since both products are made the same way from the beginning, but aged differently. Bourbon whiskey is aged in a new charred barrel and has the caramel, vanilla and smoke associated with a new American white oak barrel. The bourbon mash whiskey is aged in the bourbon barrels along with French oak, imparting the spice flavor of this wood along with the caramel, vanilla and smoke from the bourbon barrel.

Our bottles are 750ml also known as a fifth.


When barrels are produced, the inside is “toasted” or charred with flame. The numbers designate how much the barrel is charred. Our standard barrels are Char 3. We do occasionally barrel using a Char 4 barrel as a Special or Select product. For a more complete explanation see


When we have product available, the products can be purchased directly from the distillery.

We post availability and sales information to the distillery’s Facebook page.  We will also send out emails about availability. You can register for our emails here.

Sorry, but we cannot ship product from the distillery. It can only be purchased directly at the distillery or at retail shops.

Sorry, but we don’t reserve or pre-sell single bottles. All sales at the distillery are first-come first-served. However, you can purchase a private barrel, see our Private Barrel Program for more information.

We sometimes send our products to distribution through the ABC warehouse. Unfortunately, once we hand the product to the distributor, we have no information on where it is shipped from the ABC warehouse. We do not know what retail store, restaurant or bar may receive our product. Our product is only distributed in the State of Alabama.


You are welcome to visit anytime the distillery is open. We will be happy to show you the distillery. You can also schedule a private tour and tasting event

The process from mashing to distilling is normally no more than two weeks. We yield about 30 gallons of distillate per week. The length of time in barrel depends on the size of the barrel – our 10 gallon barrels take a little over 2 years to mature.

There is really only one way to determine when the whiskey is ready – we have to taste it. As the barrels reach their time for maturity, they are tasted and bottled when it reaches our standard. We don’t bottle until our CTO (Chief Tasting Officer), Vicki Irons, says its ready.