Private Barrel Program

If you are interested in purchasing your own private barrel of Irons ONE whiskey, please fill out the form on this page, or send me an email, or call to begin this process.
The private barrel program affords you the opportunity to purchase your own individual barrel of Irons ONE whiskey in 5 and 10 liter barrels (which yield up to 7 and 14 bottles, respectively).  We can also age in larger barrels for more bottles.
Once you pick your barrel size, it is filled with unaged, new make whiskey and moved to the rick house where the aging process begins.
At the maturation date, you come to the distillery to taste test your barrel. I bottle your whiskey with your own special batch name on the bottles.  You leave with your bottles and the empty barrel.
Cost for the empty barrels are $65 and $95, respectively, and the whiskey is sold at its current per bottle price for how many bottles your barrel yields.
The ultimate gift for the whiskey lover who wants their own special batch that they select to be bottled when it is perfect.